If you use a script-driven platform for your Internet site, it stores its info within a database and the larger the site gets, the more information it gathers. For example, if you start an Internet store, the size of the database which the e-commerce script employs will increase any time you add more items. Exactly the same applies for a forum script - the more users that register and the more opinions they submit, the more substantial the database. If your websites become popular or you simply want to include more content, this may become a problem in the event that your hosting account has limited database storage area. The exact effect of reaching the limit shall be depends on the script - the site could function adequately, but you may not be able to include any new information; the website could be viewed with errors; or, in the most severe scenario, the entire website could simply go offline.
MySQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting
Because of our custom cloud web hosting platform, we can offer unlimited space for the MySQL databases that you create inside your shared hosting account. Unlike many website hosting providers which run everything on one web server, we have a whole cluster which manages only the databases and nothing else. Because of this, not only is the functionality better, but the cluster capacity is also infinite as we can easily add more machines at any time if required. That way your sites can keep developing with no limits. You can import or export any database irrespective of its size through the Hepsia web hosting CP and the phpMyAdmin tool, which you can use to manage your databases. If you want assistance, you could always take a look at our video tutorials or get hold of our tech support representatives who shall assist you with all database-related questions within the hour.
MySQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
The semi-dedicated servers that we offer use a custom cloud platform in which the files, databases and e-mails are handled by their own clusters of web servers. Basically, when you use this kind of plan, you will no longer have to worry about the size of your databases for the reason that there is essentially no restriction for the database space - we can keep adding as many hard disk drives or whole servers to the cluster as required. As a result, any MySQL-based web site that you host in the semi-dedicated account may expand without any restrictions. Via the phpMyAdmin instrument, which could be accessed from the Hepsia Internet hosting CP, you shall be able to import or export your databases with a couple of clicks regardless how large they are. In case you do not have previous experience with such matters, you can ask our tech support team for help.